Assistive Listening

Not only do TeachLogic systems achieve a signal to noise ratio of 65 dB, the sound level needed in most classrooms, they also work with dedicated Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) intended to increase the signal to noise ratio to a sufficient level for the user.

Modern classrooms are increasing in ambient noise every year. The addition of personal devices, clicking keyboards, fans, etc., make it even more difficult for younger students to really hear the teacher’s information at all times.

Children need the teacher’s voice to be at least 15 decibels louder than the background noise for intelligible comprehension. This is known as the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). In this age of personal “smart” devices, most young learners do not give much attention to sounds and signals less than 63 decibels.

While the TeachLogic amplifier can increase the level of all connected audio inputs, some students require a dedicated Assistive Listening System (ALS).

Using a 3.5 mm cable, TeachLogic amplifiers send audio through a dedicated ALS line output to the ALS’s transmitter. This dedicated output also features its own adjustable gain control of up +10 dB.

• Applicable systems: Maxim™ III, Spectrum™ III, Forum™ 232, Matrix™
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